Don't Dodge my Love! Dodgeball Tournament

Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 8am to 6pm

Choose to play in our Recreational or Intermediate divisions
All Games played at Armbrae Academy Gymnasium - 1400 Oxford St, Halifax
Every team will play three* 40 minute preliminary matches
The top 4 teams in each division will advance into playoffs.
Championship teams will win t-shirts and a gift certificate to Freeman's Little NY
Registration Fee: $175 + HST per team, $30 + HST per individual

Charity 50/50 FULL COURT GAME!

  • Entry fee for the game is $2 per participant

  • Winner claims half the pot of money, the other half will support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

  • The game is single elimination (a player can not be caught back in)

  • Eliminated players will be utilized on the sidelines to decrease the court size as players are eliminated

  • 2 referees will be assigned to this game to encourage fair play!

  • When all players are eliminated from one side, referees will split the players remaining and restart the match

  • For this game a player is eliminated if hit anywhere on the body or clothing, please avoid head shots!

  • As always in dodgeball, honesty & fair play are the first order of business!

  • The 50/50 game is designed to really put the FUN in fundraising and support a good cause while adding something new to our tournament. We hope to see lots of players take advantage and support this activity on tournament day!