Monday, May 8th

7:00pm to 9:00pm @ Armbrae Academy Gymnasium

HSSC will be hosting drop-in volleyball games open to players of any skill level.

This event is being held during our Winter equipment drop-off and Sprummer equipment and player package pick-up.

Come out and play a while!

$5 court fee for the two hours. Can be paid in cash at the door.


-2 courts will be available for players (and we will split into skill levels depending on the number of players).

 -Players are welcome to play in as many games as they can during the two hour period.

 -It is just for fun and nobody will be keeping score (unless players wish). 

-Players are asked to monitor their own substitutions to ensure equal opportunity for all players. 

-Opponents should be rotated regularly as well to build a social atmosphere among participants.