Friday's Starting January 2018

7:30pm to 9:30pm at Armbrae Academy Gymnasium

HSSC will be hosting drop-in sports open to players of any skill level! 

1 Court of Dodgeball & 1 Court of Volleyball will be available each Friday night 
Players are welcome to play in as many games as they can during the two hour period
Games are played for fun and no score will be recorded 
Players are asked to monitor their own substitutions to ensure equal opportunity for all players
Opponents should be rotated regularly as well to build a social atmosphere among participants
Equipment will be provided on site 
Space is not guaranteed, first come, first serve!
Want to bring a friend? Use your Drop-In Pass or pay cash on-site

Purchase a Drop-In Pass to Save Time & Money

Pay-as-you-play for $5.75 (including tax) or purchase a pass below

Pay for 5 visits and play for 6 weeks! 

Pay for 10 visits and play for 12 weeks!